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Mission Statement

The mission of the Prayer Ministry is to help connect people to Christ through prayer. The Prayer Ministry aims to lead the church in both individual and corporate prayer. We will not seek our own will through our own efforts but we will humbly come before The Lord with a repentant heart seeking His will. We submit to Jesus Christ as the Head of the church and will strive to obey His command that His church should be called a House of Prayer. –Isa. 56; 7

Responsibility of Leader

To see The Lord move us from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY, to a people made in His image (Gen.1; 27), by speaking things that be not as though they were (Rom. 4; 17), through prayer and fasting.

“Whenever God determines to do a GREAT work,

He first sets His people to pray”

–C.H. Spurgeon


Tanya Smith

Prayer Ministry Leader

Michael Winston

Prayer Ministry Co-Leader

LaTonya Winston

Prayer Ministry Co-Leader


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