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Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip the young men and women of Christian Life Church with a clear understanding and confidence in biblical truth so that they may stand firm against the temptations of the world, flesh, and enemy. 

General Responsibilities

Youth Ministry (ages 12-18)

  1.  The leader for this youth ministry will diligently prepare to provide a clear and impactful lesson once a month.
  2. The leader will be responsible for using proper Christian resources to ensure the biblical truth is being put forth accurately to the young men and women.
  3. The leader will be responsible for creating an environment suitable for learning and fellowship.
  4. The leader will oversee coming up with activities for the youth outside of the church that enhances youth fellowship. (At least once a quarter)
  5. The leader must pass all lessons and activities through the Pastor for approval.
  6. The leader is responsible for creating an annual lesson plan at the beginning of the year.
  7.  The leader will be responsible for finding a replacement or rescheduling if unable to attend a lesson or activity.
  8. Above all, the leaders must live in such a way that is not a stumbling block to the youth.

James Paige

Youth Ministry Leader


Interested in Joining Our Youth Ministry?​